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Thank you to everyone who came out for my first town hall event of the summer. We had a good turnout with a great discussion! If you missed this one, I'm hosting another town hall on June 11 at the Mo...

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(posted by Dennis Wagner)
According to Anne Gillespie, State Senator Tom Rooney's opponent, "Illinois is not a high spending state". She argued that we don't have a spending problem, but rather have a revenue problem. Gillespie said this today at the Democratic Candidate forum at the Palatine Library. But what she failed to point out is that Illinois politicians continue to spend more money than the state takes in. Illinois has not had a balanced budget since 2001. In addition, Pension costs alone now consume one quarter of the entire state general fund budget. Time and time again, raising taxes has proven that it does not fix our budget problems, yet that is what Gillespie is proposing. As she elaborated on Sunday, Gillespie repeated her revenue ideas that she shared in answers to the Tribune's editorial board questionnaire.

"First, I would bring the sales tax into the 21st century by acknowledging the increased role of services in our economy. We can tax services that are used by more affluent taxpayers, such as country club memberships, lawn care, and spa services. This approach will continue to protect the incomes of middle income taxpayers. I also support legalizing and taxing marijuana, a financial transactions tax, and responsible expansion of gambling. None of this will be adequate, however, without establishing a graduated income tax."

None of us want to reduce services, or skip out on fixing infrastructure, but unless we tackle these real issues we face, no amount of tax increase will fix the problem.


You can watch the entire Democratic forum here.

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Thank you to Marilyn Smolenski for joining PTRO for an insightful and timely discussion on gun control legislation at our civics discussion group last night. ... See MoreSee Less

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Our own State Senator Tom Rooney fighting for us. ... See MoreSee Less

Today a number of Senate Republicans came together to voice our opposition to a graduated income tax, which would only add to the burdens placed on our taxpayers and further stifle economic growth her...

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