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Rarely in this country’s history has the future looked so bleak. Although the Democrats would have you believe that our best days are behind us, here at PTRO we are teaming up with Republicans from across the state to help get our citizens involved and their voices heard. With your help we will regain the Presidency and the Senate as we strive to enforce constitutional limits on government and get our fiscal house in order.

Our supporters are gaining steam as we move into election season and with your help we will get the hard work done to help elect qualified Republicans throughout the state.  Its time to reverse the damage done by President Obama and that begins with your commitment to the cause of freedom.

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We are in preparation for the 2016 NW Suburban Lincoln Day Dinner. Not only is this our major fundraiser of the year, but with the presidential election and IL being in play we are certain to lock down a great speaker and have a tremendous turnout. Now is the time to buy an Advertisement for your business or organization, buy some raffle tickets, and buy a ticket to the dinner. Please contact Sharon Langlotz-Johnson with any questions at

If you would be willing to place an ad in the NW Suburban Lincoln Day Dinner Ad Book (seen by hundreds of people throughout the NW suburbs) please contact Sharon Langlotz-Johnson or CLICK HERE and fill out your ad today!


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Become A Precinct Captain
Our Colonel, Richard Maxwell, is always looking for new volunteers interested in becoming a Precinct Captain. Please contact us if you would like to join our team!
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A group of individuals fighting to preserve our freedoms
The Palatine Township Republican Organization is an organization run by our membership, the people we like to call our “team.”
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The Palatine Township Republican Organization is the official Republican Organization in Palatine Township, fighting for the fundamental principles of fiscal responsibility, personal accountability and limited, transparent government.