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Rarely in this state’s history has the future looked so bleak. Although the Democrats would have you believe that our best days are behind us, here at PTRO we are teaming up with Republicans and Independents from across the state to help get our citizens involved and their voices heard. With your help we will regain the Presidency and the Senate as we strive to enforce constitutional limits on government and get our fiscal house in order.

Our supporters are gaining steam as we move into election season and with your help we will get the hard work done to help elect qualified Republicans throughout the state.  Its time to reverse the damage done by President Obama and that begins with your commitment to the cause of freedom.


Featured Stories


Aaron Del Mar selected as a Delegate at Large for RNC in Cleveland

“I am humbled today that the State Delegation at Illinois Republican Convention has selected me as a Delegate at Large to the RNC Convention! I look forward to representing Illinois in July! Cleveland here we come!”  -Aaron Del Mar

Photo by k4dordy / CC BY

Michael Madigan proposes a budget $7.5 Billion in the red

Michael Madigan Rammed through a 500-page budget that is $7.5 billion in the red. Finding the money to pay all the spending would force the state income tax rate up to 5.5 percent — a $1,000 increase for the average Illinois family — the governor’s Office of Management and Budget declared.

Madigan’s budget is more of a spending plan than a balanced budget


Palatine District 15’s absurd 10-year contract

The District board didn’t even have a chance to read the entire contract before voting on it. The debate on this contract continues to intensify.

Palatine District 15 10-year contract debate intensifies

Upcoming Events


Elect Kevin O’Donnell Judge

Sit down with Kevin privately to discuss the primary election and working together to ensure that a Republican is elected Judge from the 13th Subcircuit in the fall and the importance of keeping the 13th safely in Republican hands.


Tom Morrison and JP Wood Martial Arts Present: Seld-Defense for Women

Women and girls age 13+ come join us as we cover self-defense and self-awareness training. The class is offered for free, however a suggested $10 donation will go towards WINGS, a local organization supporting women and children fleeing domestic violence. We are located at 249 E. Northwest Hwy in Palatine. To ask questions or to register, please email or call 847-202-6584.


Palatine Township July 4th parade

This parade is the granddaddy of them all! Come join PTRO in the July 4th parade as celebrate our Independence. We will be throwing out candy and gaining momentum in the community. There will be thousands of people coming to watch. We would love to have you join us!

Reach out to Aaron Del Mar for more details.


Summer Kick-Off Fundraiser with O’Donnell for Judge

Join us at the Summer Kick-Off Fundraiser with O’Donnell for Judge.

Tickets are $40 for Individuals, and $75 for Families.  Food and drinks provided.

Sponsorships are Persuasive: $250, Convincing: $500, Beyond a Reasonable Doubt: $1000


PTRO Monthly Meeting: Guest speakers Jim Durkin and Christine Radogno

Doors open at 8:30am and the meetings start at 9am sharp! Come join us for coffee and donuts, our meetings are free and open to the public. We will be welcoming Representative Jim Durkin and Illinois Senator Christine Radogno. We look forward to seeing you!

The Team

A group of individuals fighting to preserve our constitutional freedoms

The Palatine Township Republican Organization is an organization run by our membership.

Aaron B. Del Mar


In September of 1978, Aaron B. Del Mar was born as an only child to Vic & Betty Del Mar and was raised in Palatine, Illinois. A product of District15 & 211 schools (Sanborn & Sundling), Aaron graduated from Palatine High School …

Anthony Wang

Young Republicans and Communications Co-Chair

Anthony grew up in Wisconsin and was involved in politics at a young age, attending the Wisconsin State Republican Convention as a delegate in 2003. He has lived in Illinois for 10 years and the Palatine …

Richard Maxwell

Field Director

Richard was born in 1931. After graduating from college in 1954, he was commissioned in the Air Force as a Navigator/Fighter Intercept Officer. Once he completed active duty in 1958, he entered the USAF Reserve/Air …

Tom Rooney

President and Treasurer

Tom grew up in far left-leaning Evanston, roaming around Evanston Township High School with “Mr. Conservative” on his high school jacket and a Ronald Reagan binder with a homemade bumper sticker that said “52.7 Million …

Bill Pohlman

Outreach Director

Bill has lived in Palatine since 1976 and has spent over 30 years in consumer, business and non-profit communications. Since 1981, he has worked at AP ltd., an advertising and Internet development firm, and has been a partner …

Roz Lange

Executive Director

Roz received her degree from Northwestern in a language no one speaks anymore, English. She lived in Deerfield for thirty years fighting the blues then moved to the red zone in Palatine township 14 years ago. Roz spent twenty years as a …

Debbie Lemonidis

Lincoln Day Dinner

Sharon Langlotz-Johnson

Communications Co-Chair

Denny Lange

Legislative Director

Sharon Clifford

Special Events Director

Marilyn Jamel

Office Manager


Newest Member

Join us in fighting for the fundamental principles of fiscal responsibility, personal accountability and limited, transparent government. With your help we will regain the Presidency and the Senate as we strive to enforce constitutional limits on government and …

Join us in fighting for the fundamental principles of fiscal responsibility, personal accountability and limited, transparent government.

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